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Flexible Showing Options

We can work around your needs and schedule. From open houses to virtual options we have you covered.
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Virtual Open House

We take care of everything

No more spending the weekends with no one showing up. Buyers can buy from anywhere!
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Contactless Listings

No face to face meeting required. We can meet you via video conferencing as well as offer support via chat, email, and phone.
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Reduced Contact

With limited visits to your home, you can keep your family safe.
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We sell where you are

REX is always expanding into new and exciting markets. Our success in using our technology shows it’s working!

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We created REX for one reason. To help sellers use technology to quickly and affordably sell their home. 

We do that with no MLS or traditional red tape. Just efficient sales at the best rate.  

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Sellers Services

    • Flexible Showing Options — In addition to regular showings, you can now specify virtual showing options for your home: A REX agent can come to your home and give tours to buyers via video call or a REX agent can use pre-recorded video of your home to do virtual showings with buyers.
      • Virtual open houses  We are now offering live “Virtual Open Houses” for select listings where buyers can tour the home remotely during a set time window. The buyers can ask questions or get detailed views just like an on-site visit without the headaches of crowds in your home. 
      • Contactless Listings – REX is the only company in the world offering you the ability to list your home without requiring a face-to-face meeting. Our expert agents can meet with you using video conference tools and offer you all the same support and guidance without social distancing concerns. 
      • Reduced Contact – We are reducing the number of times our support team will visit your home by coordinating with agents and photographers to reduce exposure.